A modern day Oskar Schindler approach

Oskar Schindler was a German businessman who brilliantly used business and capital to save the lives of 1200 Jews during the Nazi occupation of Poland. He essentially purchased the lives of these Jews in the form of bribes to Nazi officials in exchange to allow the Jews to leave their concentration camps to come work for his factories.   

Today, there is a new Holocaust taking place in America, and Life Advancement Group paves the way for a modern day Schindler approach to saving lives. Through our marketing endeavors, we can effectively purchase the lives of the unborn using ad-spend on Google.  When women search for abortion services, we pay Google to show up first in the search results, thus, resulting in a referral to a pro-life center instead of an abortion clinic.

The numbers speak for themselves. Since conception, we have continued to collect data on our ad campaigns and the results have been eye opening.  We have found in some cases, using our proven marketing vehicle, a mere $10 in marketing ad-spend can result in an unborn child’s life being saved. In other words, the marketing vehicle we have created enables anyone wishing to act as Schindler did, to convert dollars for lives.

  • Data Driven  We analyze A/B test results for all our campaigns to ensure only the ads with the highest conversion rate are showcased.
  • Results Orientated – Many marketing companies boast their ability to generate clicks and impressions, but these are mere vanity metrics. Instead, we focus on what truly matters for our clients; converting abortion vulnerable women who are browsing the web into a booked appointment.
  • Cutting Edge Techniques – Whether large or small, we know that most pregnancy centers operate on a very limited budget. For this reason, we are always working to improve our client’s Quality Score – an algorithm which Google uses to determine how much to charge an organization for Adwords.  Our methods vastly improve our client’s quality scores, enabling them to receive higher ad placement on Google for less ad-spend.


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