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Pro-Life Centers Are Kicking Planned Parenthood’s Tail on Google

2018-03-06T02:31:41+00:00 Latest Publications|

A new report is out, and the numbers aren't looking good for the failing abortion industry and its flagship corporation, Planned Parenthood. Despite billions in income—including $543.7 million in taxpayer funding per year just to Planned Parenthood—it seems abortion profiteers are losing the battle online against the nation's 2,750 pro-life pregnancy help centers. Writing at [...]

The S.L.E.D. Test

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The SLED Test is a simple argument against abortion. The pro-life view is that the unborn are human beings just like you and me. That’s why it’s wrong to kill them. Although many abortion-choice advocates agree the unborn are human, they deny they are valuable human beings. They think this distinction justifies killing the unborn. [...]